Full Stack Web Developer

with over 10 years of experience

Who I am

My name is Stewart and I am a Senior Full Stack Web Developer with excellent backend and frontend knowledge.

I have been building bespoke websites for the last 10 years for a wide range of clients using a wide range of tools including; Symfony, ZendFramework, Doctrine, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Twig, jQuery and many, many more.

I have also helped build, support and maintain over 100 WordPress sites. This has been for a wide variety of clients and requirements which includes; blog, corporate, e-commerce, multilingual, multi-site and integration with third party APIs. I am extremely confident and able with all aspects of WordPress development including theme and plugin development.

What I do

Senior Developer

With over 10 years commercial experience and a real passion for learning. I have tutored and managed several junior members and projects to a successful completion.

Bespoke PHP Development

PHP is the bread and butter of my skill set. I have extensive experience working with multiple PHP frameworks and legacy systems.


I have worked with many different PHP frameworks over the years, including Zend Framework, Slim, Drupal, and Larvavel. For me, Symfony is the one that stands out from the crowd and is my framework of choice.

WordPress Development

I have been working with WordPress almost daily for the last 8 years. I am extremely confident and able with all aspects including theme and plugin development.

Frontend Development

I pride myself in making websites that focus on clean code, SEO friendly, semantic mark-up, cross-browser compatible and responsive behaviour.


I have a solid foundation in Javascript and jQuery which is key for any interactive website.

Website Hosting

I provide affordable, secure and high performance website hosting packages that are tailored for your requirements.

Performance & Optimisation

I provide myself with producing clean, reliable, and performant code. I have a wide range of skills and knowledge to choose from ensuring I am using the best tool for the job.

Database Development

As part of my experience working with bespoke PHP systems, I have worked with multiple database systems including, MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

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